Reserve Seat

Reserve Your Seat For JPY 500.

The “D Hall Stage” is the only closed hall event at Sound Messe. It is a wonderful hall where you can concentrate on the live performance, but popular events often fill up quickly and you may not be able to see them.
But there is a way to make sure you get to see the events you really want to see!
By using our seat reservation service, you can secure your seat in advance and be sure of admission!
Please take advantage of this service!

What is the seat reservation service?

For events at D hall where seat reservations are available, you can reserve a seat for JPY500.
If you reserve a seat, you can be sure of admission to popular events.

ワンコイン・リザーブシート / Seat Reserve Fee 500円(税込)*1イベント / JPY 500per event

Payment is by cash only.

Events accepting seat reservations

  • 2024年5月11日(土)

    11:30~ DR.JOSH SONG × Mogabi Smart Guitar
    13:00~ 沖 総次郎(Novelbright) × SAGO N.M.G
    15:00~ Positive Grid Spark LIVE新製品セミナー&ライブセッション
    17:00~ Martin Club Japan (斎藤誠・竹内アンナ・tonun)

  • 2024年5月12日(日)

    10:30~ Daon Lee×Carparelli × Sean Guitar
    12:15~ Allen Hinds × Xotic Japan
    14:00~ Martin Club Japan (尾崎裕哉・由薫)
    16:00~ Freak Guitar Lab Ulv6 & Ulv8 デモンストレーション (Mattias IA Eklundh)

How to reserve a seat

Please apply at the seat reservation service counter next to the venue entrance.
Seat reservations will be accepted on the day of the event only.

発売開始時間 / Reservation start time

2024年5月11日(土) 開催イベント分: 10:00~ / May 11, 2024 (Sat) 10:00~
2024年5月12日(日) 開催イベント分: 09:00~ / May 12, 2024 (Sun) 9:00~

・Sound Messe tickets are required to use the seat reservation service.
・If you do not have a ticket, you cannot use the seat reservation service.
・Each individual is limited to reserving one seat per event.
 Multiple seat reservations by a single person are not permitted.
・You can usually attend events inside the venue for free, but there may be entry restrictions.
・Payment for seat reservations is by cash only.

For other details, please see “FAQ”.