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In the late 1960s the situation for US guitar manufacturers became difficult: guitars that were made in Japan, looking very similar to US guitars, were flooding the market but at a much lower price. These guitars increasingly endangered the US manufacturers dominance on the market, and a few American companies reacted to that development in an appropriate manner: They did not take any legal steps but instead launched a counter offensive. That’s when “Sigma Guitars” was born. In 1970 “SIGMA”, the brandname for acoustic guitars, was launched. They were built by specially trained staff in the most efficient guitar factories in Japan and then sent to the US for inspection before being released for sale and shipping to the music stores.

“Sigma Guitars” were soon to have an excellent, yes even legendary, reputation. Some models were said to be of outstanding quality, both, in construction and sound. That’s why it is striking, but not surprising, that there are hardly any second-hand Sigma guitars up for sale. Most owners still swear by their instruments and would never part with them. There are Sigma fans, Sigma communities, Sigma websites and even collectors have specialized in Sigma guitars.

I feel committed and obliged to carry on this tradition. As a luthier and guitar repairman of the finest acoustic and classical guitars now for over 40 years, it is a great honor that I was able to obtain the rights to the esteemed name “Sigma Guitars Est. 1970” as well as the distinct Sigma logo in various places in the world. Our business partner and guitar manufacturer is one of the most respected producers who has been building outstanding quality guitars for nearly half of a century. This is where the circle closes: “Sigma Guitars Est. 1970”, has returned, and I am proud to be part of the legend.

Günther Lutz
Sigma Acoustic Guitar
President SigmaM Company


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