We’re Back!!
Sound Messe in OSAKA 2023

2023 May 13 (Sat)  OPEN 11:00am / CLOSE 6:30pm
2023 May 14 (Sun) OPEN 10:00am / CLOSE 5:30pm

*Buyers Day: May 12 (Fri)
(Open only to workers in the musical instrument industry.)

ATC (Asia and Pacific Trade Center)
559-0034 Nankou-kita 2-1-10, Suminoe Area, Osaka City.


[One Day Ticket]
Door 1,500 yen (Tax included)

*Under 18 years old: Free (Bring your ID please)
*Over 65 years old: 1,000 yen (Show your ID)
*Person with disabilities: 1,000 yen (Show your Disability Rights Handbook)
*Wheelchair access will be available at the elevator for the attendees, so please ask at the reception desk.

Sound Messe Office
564-0063 A3 3-15-2 Esaka-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka

[Live Streaming from the venue]
For those who cannot make it to the venue, please enjoy the streaming. We will be streaming the event on Sound Messe’s official YouTube channel during the show, so please subscribe to the channel.


-Can I bring my own instruments?
If you bring your own instrument during the exhibition, you will be required to confirm its details and register it at the “Instrument Check Counter” located next to the venue entrance when entering and exiting the venue. The registration and tag will be attached when you enter the venue, and the tag will be checked against the list when you leave the venue. Please note that if your instrument cannot be verified, you will not be allowed to bring it out of the venue.

[Instruments to be checked at the instrument check counter]
Guitars, basses, ukuleles, etc., and related items such as effectors, etc.

-Is there a luggage storage?
*There is no luggage storage space at the event venue. Please use nearby lockers.
*Purchases made at the event venue will require a special tag and a receipt issued by the individual exhibitor.

-Can I re-enter on the same day?
You may re-enter by showing your ticket half from the day of the event. The beach stage is located next door and is an outdoor area, so please feel free to visit it.

-Can I play the instruments?
There will be a large number of instruments on display, some of which will be on display only and may not be available for trial play. If you would like to try some of the instruments, please ask the person in charge at the booth.

-Can I try the instruments in a quiet place?
A soundproof room is available in the venue. Please ask the person in charge of your booth if you wish to use it.

-Can I bring food and drink?
There is no eating and drinking area in the venue. Please use nearby restaurants, as you can re-enter with your ticket half. Beverages may only be brought in that can be covered with a lid.

-Can I bring my pet?
A. Pets are not allowed in the venue.
*Excluding assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs).